The lady mechanic initiative

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The LPD programme is a professional driving course for girls/women. The practical/comprehensive driving training programme empowers girls/ women with needed skills and competencies so as to be able to get a driving job; be it with LAMATA, LAGBUS, Airport Shuttles, LAWMA, drivers for multinational organisations, government agencies and parastatals, and private businesses or individual.

In addition to the regular driving programmes, the trainees are equipped with skills and competencies needed to overcome life-threatening situations on the road, the right mental attitude needed to drive safely, recent developments in the automotive industry as regards the safety and the ability to carry out first diagnostic work on their vehicles before calling for help etc.

The duration of the programme is six(6) months.


LST is an LMI programme designed for women in the coastal areas of Nigeria, where water transportation is the popular means of transporting people, goods and services.

The programme provides hands-on training on speedboat body and engine repairs and servicing.

The trainees have the opportunity of internships with major speedboat producers and country representatives in addition to swimming/ survival skill training. The duration of the programme is twenty-four (24) months.

Lady Automobile Technician (LAT)

The LAT programme is a professional mechanical (auto technician) training course designed to empower girls/women with skills and competence is needed to repair vehicles of kinds. It also incorporates comprehensive training in car electrical designs, repairs and diagnostics (mechatronics).

LMI state-of-the-art auto garage/training facility in Lekki, Lagos, provides the suitable environment, facilities and modern car repair and diagnostic tools essential for training, and repairs of latest models. Since 2004, LMI has empowered several girls/women, who now run their own garages across the country.

The duration of the mainstream programme is twenty-four (24) months. However, candidates could opt for the LMI Vehicle Diagnostic Expert (VDE) and Quick Service/Brake Change Expert (QSE) training for six(6) months.


The GRE programme offers comprehensive practical Petrol-Generator repairs training in addition to assembling of component parts as well as installations.

Upon Graduation, trainees would possess the competency needed to repair the petrol engine of all sizes i.e Plant Mechanics.


LSD is a speedboat driving course of the Lady Mechanic Initiative for girls/ women in the coastal areas.

The programme covers the driving and maintenance of speedboats in addition to diagnostic ability.

Trainees of the programme will also undergo intensive training in swimming and water survival skills, and acquire a robust understanding of the waterways in addition to entrepreneurship training, to be able to manage their small scale businesses.

The duration of the programme is six (6) months.


LMI Summer School programme provides the opportunity for young girls from diverse economic and social backgrounds to be exposed to the fundamentals of automobile repairs.

Participants would have the privilege of working side by side with Engr. Sandra Aguebor.

The First Lady Mechanic in Nigeria and Founder of LMI, and be mentored by her about the huge opportunity inherent in the automotive industry.

Parents will do well to avail their children this opportunity for practical education, fun learning, and motivation!

Our job is to empower the girl-child!